Turning Ageing into Opportunities

Europe is ageing.
How do we go about it?

What We Focus On


Kinder and more caring
human communities


New deal among generations around climate and care issues


For environmental, social and economic sustainability

Europe is changing fast and now we have to face the consequences of a pandemic

Let’s build back better


Globally, the proportion of people over 65 years old was 10% in 2012, but it is expected to jump to 22% by 2050.


Humanity has wiped out 60% of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles since 1970.

5.7 tr Eur

If ranked among sovereign nations, the European Silver Economy (the economy of the population over 50) would currently be the third largest economy in the world.


In 2018, those people aged 55 years or more of the total EU-28 population.

Generations co-create together

What kind of societies do we want to build?

  • Kind and gentle
  • Sustainable and caring
  • Beautiful and fun

Flagship projects

HCAF works under the ethical framework of permaculture:
“People care, Earth care, Fair share”

Community living

Redesigning community infrasructures

Conscious You(th)

Learning, growing, creating

Osmosis CareNet

All about Care

Care migration in Europe

Advocacy and more

Herstory research

Lived reality of women in relation to care and food sovereignity


Practice, research and education

Latest updates

Conscious You(th) News

For Counscious You(th) news click here. Hekate Conscious You(th) is a proud community of Hekate Conscious Ageing. Ageing might sound scary and difficult to digest, especially when you’re only in your 20’s and are still very young, we know. You don’t even need to think about getting old one day, yet, although researches show massiveContinue reading “Conscious You(th) News”

Care migration: cause or symptom?

Towards a scarcity of care? Tensions and contradictions in transnational elderly care systems in central and eastern Europe It is the title of the book issued by Friedrich-Ebert-StiftungBudapest. Our co-founder Kinga has contributed to the volume. Quote from the book: “Hopefully this initiative is an effective step towards a large-scale change in the entire careContinue reading “Care migration: cause or symptom?”