Activities, projects

Advocacy, policy

  • Raising awareness, orgainising events about Healthy Ageing, starting from Midlife Change, Menopause, Active Ageing all the way to Elderly Care, Carework Crisis, Dignified Dying and Death
  • Raising awareness, orgainising events about Silver Economy and its implications
  • Information portal about Conscious Ageing
  • Developing policy and community recommendations on how to improve Quality Control and Assurance in domestic elderly care in CEE countries
  • Promoting social, community and environmental aspects of Permaculture and permaculture principles as an effective and efficient framework to build sustainable communities


  • Economic and social implications of Midlife Change and Menopause
  • Silver Economy and its employment potential for people over 45
  • Care migration in Europe and its impact on both carers and the elderly


  • Hold space for issue-specific communities (eg. menopause, elderly care, conscious ageing, permaculture, advocacy)
  • Organising community events both IRL (in real life) and online around ageing, conscious ageing, elderly care, permaculture, sustainability, sustainable communities, etc.
  • Running REGINA Garden and Community Space, a permaculture site in Hungary

Individual intervention

  • Gestalt therapy
  • Workshops and retreats


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