Hekate Conscious Ageing Foundation (HCAF) focus areas

The vision of HCAF is a World in which ageing is valued and appreciated.

The mission of HCAF is to redefine the narrative around ageing in our fast-changing World.
Our intention is to fundamentally reshape the impact of ageing on both individual and society levels.

Areas of activities

HCAF is working towards a society that provides all the necessary structures, measures and support individuals need in order to achieve active, independent, fulfilling, healthy and autonomous ageing, and later on dignified dying and death.

  • Information providing, awareness raising, campaigns
  • Community development
  • Counselling, therapy
  • Education, trainings
  • Research
  • Building bridges among generations
  • Advocacy

Areas we are interested in

  • Health and well-being on individual level, healthy ageing, active ageing
  • Healthcare, health, resilience on individual, community and social levels
  • Prevention
  • Lifelong learning
  • Technology and ageing
  • Care, care crisis, care migration in Europe
  • Environmental and social sustainability, conscious living in our natural and social environment
  • Permaculture, permaculture principles and their social and community implications
  • Rural development
  • Social responsibility of ageing individuals towards new generations and the environment (including climate crisis)
  • Or in general: our place and role in this rapidly changing World

We carry out our activities in accordance with the key determinants defined by EuroHealthNet and its Healthy Ageing framework.

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