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What We Focus On


Kinder and more caring
human communities


New deal among generations around climate and care issues


For environmental, social and economic sustainability

Europe is changing fast and now we have to face the consequences of a pandemic

Let’s build back better


households per month


experts working


awards won


satisfied customers

Generations co-create together

What kind of societies do we want to build?

  • Kind and gentle
  • Sustainable and caring
  • Beautiful and fun

Flagship projects

HCAF works under the ethical framework of permaculture:
“People care, Earth care, Fair share”

Community living

Redesigning community infrasructures

Conscious You(th)

Learning, growing, creating

Osmosis CareNet

All about Care

Care migration in Europe

Advocacy and more

Herstory research

Lived reality of women in relation to care and food sovereignity


Practice and education

Latest updates


Christmas is (already) all around and we’re just thinking about how to make it perfect for our loved ones.  While this can be a beautiful and generous process, we might need a reminder to also treat ourselves in this big rush! Hekate Conscious You(th) would love to support you to get the best out of your AdventContinue reading “SLOWING INTO CHRISTMAS”

LIFE ON SCREEN: How to create balance in the digital era?

We live in the digital era where most of our life is online. With the global pandemic we are facing, this is truer than ever before. Let’s think about our work, studies, social interactions, maybe and hobbies. While using technology gives us brilliant advantages and benefits, it can have serious harms on our mental, psychologicalContinue reading “LIFE ON SCREEN: How to create balance in the digital era?”


Begin with sharing your story so that we can help you write it! The research applies the method of 1-on-1 interviews with the idea of free speech. This means that our interviewees receive the questions before the interview to have time to reflect on them if they wish so, then they’ll be raised with theContinue reading “#YOU(th)Story”

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