Osmosis CareNet (OCN)

Osmosis CareNet (OCN) is an autonomous community-based social structure that facilitates parties to meet, and offers all kinds of supports and services. It is a platform to share knowledge and best practices, which are related to elderly home care.

Demographic, epidemiological, social, and cultural trends in European countries are changing the traditional patterns of care. The next decades will see increasing rates of care-dependent older people.  Although the particular history, drivers of change and subsequent policy responses vary across Europe, elderly care has been in crisis in most European countries. The lack of skilled caregivers is constantly growing issue and needs a global European approach.

Osmosis CareNet:

  • helps families to find their ideal caregivers
  • provides quality assurance and protocols
  • helps its members with trainings, information, consultancy, conflict-resolution, mediation

OCN was started in 2017 in Hungary and by now it is a 6500+ strong community.

More info about Ozmosis CareNet in Hungarian here.

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