Tackling Midlife Change workshops (Gaia Retreat series)

Keywords: active, energetic, proactive, co-inspiration, connection, awareness, Midlife Change, connecting with Nature, inner power, consciousness, female life-cycles, Beauty of Cycles, humour

We all know the term: “midlife crisis”. Is it a must? Does it really have to happen? Or is it just a wrong approach? We, at Conscious Ageing, believe in Midlife Change. Going through demanding mental, emotional, existential, hormonal and bodily changes is an inevitable part of life. How we go through it? That is the art of it…

“Tackling Midlife Change” is a series of workshops in which we create space for participants to address their own midlife issues. Our aim is to support inner change in a supportive, inspiring, and peaceful environment. Participating in the workshops one can expect to raise her self-awareness, consciousness and proactivity when reflecting on those very individual and personal challenges.

Each workshop stands on its own, therefore you are welcome to join any one of them, based on what resonates with your current reality. However, going through all the sessions might offer you a deeper understanding of what conscious ageing in your life practically might be.

The content flow of the workshops is inspired by Gestalt cycle of experience as well as permaculture design:

  1. Embracing and cultivating Midlife Change and the opportunities it brings
  2. Who am I, where am I so far, where am I heading to in the current state of my life
  3. Creating space for the New by letting Old Stuff go, Giving birth to the New
  4. Harvesting the fruits, rejoicing, taking time to celebrate who we are, who we became
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