Online training: Mental health and conscious ageing based on social permaculture

Online training for therapists, coaches, social workers, support workers and teachers helping vulnerable adults.

How will you inspire/refresh your current practice?

1. Participants will have a broader view about the following areas:

  • How Nature can support your work
  • Knowledge about ecological system thinking and how it can support health and mental health
  • Permaculture, permaculture design, and its use in relation to mental health.

2. Participants will learn pragmatic tools that can be useful in their work

3. The learning community will also act as a support group after the training 

Maximum number of participants: 12
Language of the training: English

Format of the training

  • 4 online sessions
  • 1 onsite event
    optional, based on the location of the participant (planned events: the Netherlands, Hungary, Malta)

Online modules

  1. Ecology, nature, and mental health
  2. Permaculture and permaculture design
  3. Mental health and Nature: best practices
  4. Permaculture and Mental Health Design (PMHD)


Kinga Milankovics (permaculturist) and Milena Milankovics (Gestalt therapist)


23rd of February 2023 (9:30-13.00 CET / GMT+1 / UTC+1)

9th of March, 2023 (9:30-13.00 CET / GMT+1 / UTC+1)

23rd of March, 2023 (9:30-13.00 CET / GMT+1 / UTC+1)

6th of April, 2023 (9:30-13.00 CET / GMT+1 / UTC+1)

This is a pilot training developed in the framework of an Erasmus+ project called Social_Peas. Participation is therefore free. Participants are kindly requested to give feedback and suggestions during the training to help to improve it.

How to apply

Applicants are requested to fill out this registration form:

Application deadline: 19 February, 2023

Register here




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