Care migration: cause or symptom?

Towards a scarcity of care? Tensions and contradictions in transnational elderly care systems in central and eastern Europe

It is the title of the book issued by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Our co-founder Kinga has contributed to the volume.
Read the full article here.

Quote from the book:

“Hopefully this initiative is an effective step towards a large-scale change in the entire care sector. Legal working conditions, training, quality control and supporting structures must be built and developed so that they offer a safe and suitable environment to work in. This work can be done in cooperation among carers, researchers, policymakers, politicians, experts, NGOs, the media and many other relevant actors in society.

There are numerous capacities, potentials and powers in the hands of policymakers, politicians, activists, academics, intellectuals, carers themselves, and many other stakeholders to reach out for. After the first wave of the corona pandemic, it is expected that economies are going to work hard to reinvent themselves. ‘Unskilled workers’ are now ‘key workers’. At least for the time being, societies seem actually to mean it. We now have a major opportunity to help create the supporting structures and capacities needed to really make it happen.”

Source: “Challenges facing Hungarian carers wanting to act for themselves in the United Kingdom and in Hungary” by Kinga Milánkovics

Download the book from here.

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