Learning about permaculture, health and conscious ageing

This new programme is recommended to individuals, who are interested in permaculture and its potential in relation to physical and mental health, conscious ageing and general wellness. Also for those who would like to spend a hot Summer day in a cool, mature, forest garden in Gödöllő, Hungary.

The course is designed for people who want to learn more about permaculture, but do not want to spend many days away, on a farm or a garden site. Yet, they would also like to see a mature perma garden in real life.

REGINA Garden is located in Gödöllő, Hungary. It is about 20 minutes from Budapest by car. Public transport to Gödöllő from Budapest is good.

Registration and tickets

Structure of the programme

1. First online training

Date and time: zoom meeting on 20th Aug, 10am – 1pm

There is an online training first, where participants will learn about permaculture, its design principles, ethics, and practical implications. The aim is to learn about how permaculture can support physical and mental health. The focus will also be on conscious and healthy ageing.

Topics of the first online event:

  • Intro to permaculture. What it is, and what it is not.
  • How can we create an environment (eg. a garden or an urban perma space), that is environmentally robust, has high biodiversity, offers a lot of organic food and supports our own physical and mental health?
  • How can we design and plan our gardens in a way that will support us after 20-30+ years as well, and did not require huge energy to maintain?
  • What is the ideal garden size?
  • What can and cannot we achieve in an urban setup?
  • What tools (digital, electric, traditional) is useful and why?

2. Garden visit in Gödöllő, Hungary

Date and time 21th August, 11am – 4 pm
Location: REGINA Garden, Gödöllő, Hungary

The next part of the programme is to visit REGINA Garden in Gödöllő. The programme starts at 11am so participants arriving from larger distances do not have to get up terribly early :). We will finish at 4pm.

During the visit, participants will learn about the last 20+ years of the garden development, and also about the plans for the future. Kinga, the owner of the garden, is 51 years old and she will share her garden development strategy for the next decades ahead. We will have a discussion about how people can plan and design their garden spaces to support their own health and the health of their loved ones.

The visit will also allow participants to see what a 3500 m2, very low maintenance permaculture garden has to offer in terms of food, habitats, resting spaces, biodiversity and more. Water harvesting and maintaining structures will be shown. Also, slow and simple solutions to catch and store energy and to gain yields.

During the visit, participants will get to know each other. We will talk about the future plans of the individuals, so we can also share our own experiences and also learn from other participants. One of the aims of the programme is to form a self-supporting permaculture design community of people, who want to use permaculture to support their own health and conscious ageing.

3. Second online event

Date and time: zoom meeting 24th Aug, 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm

This is going to take place a few days after the garden visit. By the time it is expected, that participants had a bit of time to reflect on what they have learnt and seen so far. They will probably have questions and reflections about their own future plans.

During this second online event, we will harvest conclusions and share ideas, questions, doubts and plans. We will have a chance to consult with each other and brainstorm together about the future on the individual and community levels as well.

Cost of participation: 35 Eur total. 
The original price of the programme is 60 Eur but part of this is funded by the European Union, so participants will only have to pay 35 Eur.

Registration and tickets

Pictures about REGINA Garden are here.

The trainer is Kinga, who is a permaculturist, an economist, and an elderly carer. For more info about her, click the picture:

For more information send a message to Hekate Conscious Ageing Foundation.

Some more pictures of REGINA Garden:

The programme is co founded by the European Union.


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