UnfOlding – Autonomous communities in digital societies / Understanding the opportunities of Blockchain

A technological term describing an expanding online trend. But what if we told you that blockchain is way more than technology? What if we told you that blockchain is an opportunity? An opportunity for decentralised societies? An opportunity for transparent communities? An opportunity for valuable incentives?

We’re pleased to invite you to the next workshop of our UnfOlding project to discover the opportunities that blockchain brings for individuals and communities in digital societies.

During this experiential workshop you will:

  • have a short introduction to what blockchain is (please leave your worries behind: no tech experience or knowledge is required!)
  • discover some areas and/or opportunities where blockchain can be applied
  • reflect on the potential impact of blockchain on individuals, communities and societies

On your discovery path of blockchain you will be guided by Antal Karolyi*, digital entrepreneur & blockchain-user, and Nora Taliga**, learning experience designer.

The participation of the workshop is free of charge, but registration is mandatory.

Register here before the 20th of October.

*More about Antal:

“ Antal is business angel and entrepreneur since 2010 and first president of the Hungarian Business Angel Network. He co-founded Traction Tribe, a tech accelerator. Passionate about purpose-driven enterprises, he founded SignCoders, a digital agency for deaf and hard-of-hearing professionals. Antal firmly believes that social entrepreneurship has huge untapped potential and he plays an active role in building the local community.

He is a dazzled traveller in the Web3 world rather than a tourist guide. He is fascinated by the potential positive impact offered by blockchain technology and he is in a permanent state of search for truly viable use cases”

**More about Nora:

“Nora is a certified Digital Wellness Educator and holds a certification of Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence course. Since 2015 she has been training youth on digital wellness, emotional intelligence, leadership, personal growth, experiential learning, social inclusion, future orientation, entrepreneurship, diversity, and communication in Europe and Asia.”

The event is hosted by Hekate Conscious Ageing Foundation and is funded by the European Commission.

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