UnfOlding – Ageing into digital How to maintain our wellbeing while navigating the digital era

Free Online program
Conscious ageing – taking responsibility over our ageing with regards to our individual opportunities and life situation.
When raising awareness, and consciously preparing to our elderly years, it’s important to understand the times in which we live in, and which are emerging before us: the 21st century is a digital era where technology has a huge impact on our lives.
Remote work (home office), online relationship management (Social Media / e-communication), digital health (e-doctors, quantified self), digital citizenship (security, privacy) – no matter the area: how technology is being used will directly influence our mental- and physical health and wellbeing.
Covid-19 has brought massive, long-term changes in the way we use technology. The number of people with mental health disorders has doubled since the beginning of the pandemic. The advantages of technology became clear in the times of social distancing, however, it’s scientifically proven that the incorrect way of using technology leads to further physical and mental health issues.
With intentional use, we can take advantage of technology whilst avoiding the harms of it. Do you want to know how?
We are glad to invite you to this workshop to discover:
– Some of the challenges of the digital age
– The concept of Digital Wellbeing
– Our current relationship with technology
– Some practical tools to protect our tech-life balance and improve our digital wellbeing
Trainer: Nora Taliga, certified Digital Wellbeing Educator, Learning Experience Designer
The workshop is free of charge but registration is necessary.
Registration here 

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