Wometamorphosis / Turning points in women’s life

Are you:

  • at a crossroads?
  • starting the next phase of life?
  • facing new challenges?
  • feeling stuck in your life?
  • lost in what your real desire is?

Through life we navigate different transition periods. Some of them feel nice and are nourishing, other changes bring uncertainty, losses and pain. Some are universal phases of a woman’s life (like puberty, starting a new relationship, becoming a mother or not, going through menopause, retirement). Some we might choose (like a career change or move) and some we might not (like losing a loved one). 

We take an active role or not, we may be disoriented and confused during these periods  with all its promises of new possibilities and also its anxiety, emptiness and fears.

In this 2-day workshop for women we’ll be exploring the transition phase which you are going through. We’ll take time to: 

  • close and integrate the past 
  • explore the challenges and opportunities of the metamorphosis
  • shape the next stage of your life 

You will gain new energies, a sense of power and hope and a feeling of being more grounded in your own life.

When and where?

23-24th March 2020, Den Haag *

6-7th April 2020, Amsterdam*

*The final venue will be communicated in February


Early bird price den Haag if you register before 25th of February: 250 Euros

Early bird price Amsterdam if you register before 9th of March : 250 Euros

300 Euros/ 2 days (included coffee and tea)

The workshop is led by Orsi and Milena.

More about us: https://consciousageing.life/whoweare/

Registration: Here

All other details about the program will be sent to participants after registration.


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