Conscious Walks – Summer 2020

Research shows that outdoor walking groups not only facilitate interaction with nature, social groups, and physical activity but create space for mental, emotional, and social well-being benefits. (Mary Ann Liebert, Ecopsychology, 2014) Can you imagine then how multiplied these benefits can be if during a walk with fellow humans we have real BIG talks? 🙂

We invite you to WALK WITH US to discover and learn more about your important topics through powerful reflections, meaningful discussions and real life human connections!

It’s definitely your place if you:

  • Would like take a nice walk in the nature
  • Meet and connect with diverse people having similar interests as you do
  • Want to dig around some important topics
  • Want to just switch off and do something different

Our first Conscious Walks will discover the topics that we consider two of our core values: consciousness & care. These events are informal gathering: guided walks with activities. The events are designed in a way that participants will have space to walk in pairs while sharing their thoughts with each other, walk and reflect alone, and discuss about outcomes in the big group once finished – probably still while walking. We expect them to be very light and refreshing.

Practical information:

  1. Walk for Consciousness: 30th June 2020, 18:00-20:00
  2. Walk for Care: 21th July 2020, 18:00-20:00
  • Location: Scheveningse Bosjes in Den Haag

The Conscious walks are free of charge and registration is not needed for participation.

The events are organised by Hekate Conscious You(th) and will be facilitated by Nori Taliga, our Community and Impact Leader.

Don’t hesitate: this is the time to take a conscious step to engage with people, walk together and do something for Yourself.

If you have any questions, just get in touch with us! 🙂

To stay up to date follow the events on our Facebook page.


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