Volunteers wanted

We are ready and would be happy to add more colours and values to our team, therefore we’re looking for new possibilities to work with volunteers.

So are you a conscious youngster, a student, a young professional, a young entrepreneur? Are you willing to make a tiny change not only in your but in the Hekate Conscious You(th) community’s life? Do you have a tiny time to dedicate to a meaningful project and to your own personal and professional development?

Read further if YES!

We are looking for volunteers to co-create with! We would love to think and work together with a person who:

  • can identify with our values and mission
  • is or wants to be (more) conscious
  • has loads of ideas in mind and is willing to act upon them
  • is open to learn and grow through experiences
  • can dedicate some hours a week (depending on what we agree together) and can commit to their promises
  • geographically connected to the Den Haag area

What would we like to do with you? We would like to:

  • think together with you about Hekate’s future
  • build our community together
  • give space for you to implement your ideas
  • support you with your professional improvement by giving you possibility to work on key tasks of the organisation
  • create and implement a dynamic, creative and need-based communication plan

What we commit ourselves to, while working with you, is to:

  • identify your learning needs
  • supporting your learning plan and goals
  • provide you with guidance and professional advices
  • free access to all our upcoming workshops while you’re with us
  • certification and reference letter of your activities with us

We are flexible with the time you would like to spend with us as our volunteer, but we also believe that a minimum 3 months are necessary both for your and our common improvement.

So is this something you would feel like doing? Would like to give it a try? If so, please tell us a bit about yourself, why this possibility seems attractive to you and how do you imagine yourself in our team! We’re looking forward to read your message – sent to nora@hekatefoundation.org.

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