This is how we walked for Consciousness and Care

As our first local project, we promised you some walks: so we WALKED together! We loved to discover and learn together about important topics through powerful reflections, meaningful discussions and real life human connections – while enjoying the refreshing company of each other in the forest.

In June and July 2020 we dedicated our walks to two core values of Hekate Conscious You(th): Consciousness and Care. It was great to brainstorm about each topic, already prior to the events, and it was even greater to discover more together with you!

We believe that CONSCIOUSNESS is crucial. Consciousness in our thoughts, in our feelings, in our choices, in our actions throughout our life. We believe that conscious choices are key for creating meaningful and sustainable lives and communities around us, conscious actions are key for taking responsibility for our learning, growing and healthy and active progression in life.

We asked our enthusiastic, determined participants of our first guided gathering to share with us the first thing coming to their mind when they hear the word consciousness.

Here are some of the things they shared:

  • meditation,
  • mindfulness,
  • experience,
  • observation,
  • flow,
  • time,
  • critical thinking,
  • awareness
  • and emotions.

Although our individual definitions were diverse, we all agreed that consciousness basically is to be aware AND act accordingly. The following are some consciousness areas that we identified together:

  • Consciousness of feelings & emotions
  • Consciousness of thoughts
  • Consciousness of responsibility (accountability)
  • Family consciousness
  • Social consciousness
  • Consciousness of work & home
  • Consciousness of possibilities and choices
  • Consciousness of actions
  • Time consciousness

At the end of our session, filled with self-reflections, group conversations and short assignments, we all went home not only with positive feelings and inspiration but with our tiny commitments we made to ourselves about ‘how we will become more conscious’.

We believe in CARE. Care for ourselves (self-care), care in our relationships (other-care), caring about people (people-care), communities & society (social care), towards our environment with all living species inside (Earth-care). Care, that makes us trustful, authentic and sustainable.

On our second walk we took some more tiny steps at the beginning of our journey for a stronger community.

A small group of young, international, enthusiastic, open to learn people joined for a walk in Den Haag to discover what care means. Here are some ideas of the participants we noted down which lead to really meaningful, supportive, care-full conversations:

  • Care is a feeling.
  • Care is granted.
  • Care is being patient with yourself.
  • Care is allowing yourself to fail.
  • Care is (self-) compassion and kindness.
  • Care is an attitude.
  • Care is about caring and being cared for.
  • Care is a learned ‘skill’.

We’re grateful for having such opportunities to get to know and start co-creation with our community and we’re looking forward for our upcoming walks.

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