14th May: Walk & Talk

Hello there,


We’re happy to see your interest about the Digital Wellness Day!


Come and join this insightful, relaxing and energising workshop to:

  • tune into your presence with a nice, guided reflection-walk
  • reflect on your own usage of technology, your digital challenges and habits
  • visualise a healthy relationship with technology
  • connect with fellow humans to listen and share
  • identify what you can do to obtain healthier usage of technology


What you can expect:

  • a thematic walk in your neighbourhood (favorite place, nearby forest/park, farm – as you wish)
  • an experiential workshop with space for reflection and initiative/action
  • a nice talk to people on the phone
  • optional (but recommended) tuning-in activities sent to you before the workshop
  • handout and templates shared with you after the workshop


Practical information:

  • Time: 14th May, 07:30-08:30 CEST
  • Place: Zoom – only voice call please, phones in pocket, no screen, no videos to share
  • Registration till: 7th May, here
  • Contribution: participation is free, donation is welcome on Ko-fi


Have you got any question? Don’t be shy and get in touch with us! Nori is waiting for your message.


With love,

Hekate Conscious You(th)

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