Digital Wellness Day 2021

Hello there,

Let’s us tell you a bit about Digital Wellness!

We live in the digital era where most of our life is online. Now with the global pandemic, this is truer than ever before. Let’s think about our studies, social interactions, maybe our work and hobbies. While using technology gives us brilliant advantages and benefits, it can have serious damages on our mental, psychological and physical health. The information overload we have in our digital environment can lead us to experience continuous distraction, difficulties to focus, unconscious & unintentional content consumption, low sleep quality, stress, emotional overwhelm and many more.

With Hekate Conscious You(th) we wanted to figure out how not to let our tech control our life and how to take control over our tech usage, so we enrolled in the Digital Wellness Institute’s (a key partner of the Netflix documentary the Social Dilemma) certificate program to bring new knowledge, experience and tools for you!


The Digital Wellness Institute has helped hundreds of organizations and individuals to optimize their mental health, work habits, and productivity – all while embracing a positive, digital work culture. Their proprietary Digital Flourishing® model equips learners with research-based tools and best practices to take advantage of the benefits of technology while avoiding associated harms. 


But what is Digital Wellness? 


“Digital wellness is defined as the optimum state of health, personal fulfillment and social satisfaction that each individual using technology is capable of achieving. It focuses on Digital Flourishing® that refers to a mindful approach to digital technology usage that supports our thriving in different areas of life. This approach empowers us to take advantage of the benefits of technology while avoiding associated harms. In order to digitally flourish we can enhance our skills in at least eight areas that our digital behaviors relate to, including; productivity, environment, communication, relationships, mental health, physical health, quantified self, and digital citizenship.” (


Our Nora, freshly graduated Digital Wellness educator, has designed two events for you to celebrate the Digital Wellness Day:


  • 14. May – Walk & Talk: a relaxing workshop to disconnect from your screen, connect with humans and reflect on your tech habits
  • 15. May – Digital Wellness Design: a creative workshop to make some salad and build a fence


Let us invite you to join think about, talk about and change our relationship with technology!

With love,

Hekate Conscious You(th)


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