LIFE ON SCREEN: How to create balance in the digital era?

We live in the digital era where most of our life is online. With the global pandemic we are facing, this is truer than ever before. Let’s think about our work, studies, social interactions, maybe and hobbies. While using technology gives us brilliant advantages and benefits, it can have serious harms on our mental, psychological and physical health. Distraction, focusing problems, constant noise, transforming relationships and unsatisfying communication can give us a headache on a daily basis. Here is the good news: life on screen can be a true blessing, we just need to create our optimal and unique tech-life balance  in the digital era! 

Join us on 27. November to an online experimental workshop to reflect on this topic together.

During this experiential workshop:

* we will discover our relationship with technology

* understand what digital wellness means to us

* gain some new tools that will help us reach our optimal tech-life balance 

The event is designed and lead by Nóra Taliga, Digital Wellness Educator and Experiential Learning Facilitator.

Practical information:

 > Time: 27. November, 14:00-16:00 CEST

 > Place: Zoom

 > There is no participation fee, but registration is required. Please register till: 22. November, here.

This is event is part of our project “UnfOlding -To equip for conscious ageing and conscious living in a digital society” and is co-funded by the European Union. 


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