Christmas is (already) all around and we’re just thinking about how to make it perfect for our loved ones. 🎄 While this can be a beautiful and generous process, we might need a reminder to also treat ourselves in this big rush! 💝Hekate Conscious You(th) would love to support you to get the best out of your Advent Season! Here’s how:

The traditional image of Christmas is wonderful, heartwarming and, let’s be honest, “incredibly optimistic”: happy family, friends, love, peace, joy, cheerfulness, laughter, coziness, intimacy, good food, good gatherings and just simply amazing experiences together. ✨
But wait, what about an actual Christmas? What about all those high expectations around this festive period? What about not feeling well to celebrate? What about having lost someone close recently? What about not having enough money and/or time to get those gifts? What about having to work extra hours due to the high demand of the season? What about family matters?
Well, as life happens…, even if we’re lucky enough to have our family and friends to celebrate with, the way there can be pretty stressful – depending where we put our focus! This advent, we invite you to slow down a bit and put your focus to Yourself! 🎁

Join us in our “Slow down, Focus on You” Campaign to celebrate and treat yourself for 24 days! 💝
All you need to do is to sign up via this registration ( form so that we know where to send you our daily treat and wait for your Advent Calendar’s first surprise on 1st December! 🎁

Let’s make this a wonderful time of the year indeed!

With Love,

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