Ageing consciously in a digital and AI driven world?

Our World is changing at an unexpected speed. Digital solutions are replacing services previously provided by humans. Many of us do banking, shopping, and working online. As a result, post offices, bank branches, and even pubs are closing down in many cases. Healthcare and elderly care are more and more digitalized. AI is now used in diagnosing cancer and all kinds of other illnesses, and it is promised to replace humans in many professions.

In the meantime, Europe is ageing, the population is getting older and older.

What will Europe look like in 20 years? Nobody knows… But what we know is that in the middle of the care crisis, the climate crisis, and in many places the housing crisis, there is a lot to think about if we are trying to be conscious about our old age.

How do we want to manage our lives as we get older and old? How can we maintain our independence, health, and autonomy? How can the digital revolution and AI help that? What are the risks, threats, and issues we need to consider?

These are the topics and issues we are going to discuss in the next online Conscious Ageing Club event.

Speakers of the panel:

  • Antal Karolyi, social entrepreneur, and founder of SignCoders
  • Milena Milankovics, co-founder of HCAF
  • Kinga Milankovics, co-founder of HCAF
  • Moderator: Nora Taliga, digital well-being expert and trainer

Date: 30th May 2023
Time: 18.00 – 19.30 UTC+2

Participation is free, registration is needed.
Register here:


The event is part of the Erasmus+ project “DigInclude – Developing Digital Skills in Disadvantaged Groups” and co-funded by the EU.

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