We live in a digital age empowered by technology, with all its benefits and challenges. We are all doing our best to cope with(in) it, but are we READY to thrive? Just like paying attention to what we eat, who we surround ourselves with, how we rest or how we practice sport to increase our quality of life, building and maintaining our digital spaces consciously is a dominant factor when it comes to our and our communities’ needs and satisfaction. Do you also feel the need to stop, reflect and improve?
You probably wonder if you and your target groups are using the right tools to manage the “shadow sides” of Social Media (such as cyber-bullying, digital addiction, info overload); if you effectively cope with the technical challenges (such lack of digital literacy or fake news); or maybe if your on-line community is barrier-free or ethical. It’s never easy to dedicate time to reflect on how to support the needs of the diverse people you work with.
Different organisations, different challenges. We might thrive in some areas and we might struggle in other ones. We are coaches and educators specialised in the digital consciousness. With the CONSCIOUSLY DIGITAL programme we want to create a space for reflecting and building digital consciousness and actions focusing on your organisation’s needs.

Understanding Digital Wellbeing

This article has been adopted from and was written by Nóra Taliga, Digital Wellbeing Educator. Nóra is Hekate’s go to person when it comes to digital culture and spaces, tech-life balance and digital intelligence. Welcome to this great discovery of Digital Wellbeing! Although you might get some ideas about it, I bet you’re curiousContinue reading “Understanding Digital Wellbeing”

Digital Inclusion as we #HearIT

When we came up with the project of DigInclude (Developing Digital Skills in Disadvantaged Groups), we had in mind a lot of tangible goals and desired outcomes. While we’re implementing more and more activities to achieve the goals, suddenly we realised that we’re going even further than we ever could have imagined. Shining eyes, sparkling motivation,Continue reading “Digital Inclusion as we #HearIT”

DigInclude: Developing Digital Skills in Disadvantaged Groups

DigInclude is a two-years-long project that creates space for a well-needed digital inclusion of marginalised and disadvantaged groups of youngsters and young adults.  With this project we address two interconnected issues that the European Union its member states are facing at the moment: Access to life-long learning, up-skilling, and digital literacy for many people inContinue reading “DigInclude: Developing Digital Skills in Disadvantaged Groups”